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Status: January 2015

MHDBDB in Cooperation with The University of Vienna

The project consists of the following team:

General Direction and Patronage: Dr. Margarete Springeth und Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller (Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg)
Founding Directors: Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Schmidt (Bowling Green State University, Ohio/Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg)
Dr. Horst P. Pütz (Christian-Albrechts-University zu Kiel)
Acting Director: Dr. Margarete Springeth (Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg)
Consultants: Prof Dr. Matthias Meyer und Prof. Dr. Alfred Ebenbauer (Universität Wien)

Editorial Assistance: Dr. Ruth Weichselbaumer (Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg)

New Features for Users:

New Features for Users:

2011: There is now a direct mutual link between the Middle High German On-line Dictionaries. (MWV)and MHDBDB. Wherever there is an identical entry, e.g. between Lexer's MHG dictionary and MHDBDB, you will find an icon [MHDBDB] in the right hand column of Lexer and a book icon next to the respective entry in MHDBDB. Clicking on these icons will open a direct page with the respective entry in the other reference work.

2010: conversion of the MHDBDB database for processing and Web representation to UTF-8; this means an unrestricted use of all currently used characters also for searches.

2010: a number of texts (e.g.. The Nibelungenlied, the songs of Oswalds von Wolkenstein und Hugo von Montfort) are now linked with digital manuscript facsimiles. A small manuscript icon appears at the end of each retrieved line of these text. Clicking there will link you directly to the respective manuscript page on which the line appears.

2010: Installation of an OvW media page: it consists of the introductory lecture given at the conference and opening of the exhibit „Oswald von Wolkenstein. Life – Work – Reception“, which took place in November 2009 at the Southtyrolean Museum for Culture und State History in Bolzano, Italy. The media page also carries the poems by OvW with NHG translation as sung by Eberhard Kummer on the occasion of the opening of the conference. The songs may be heard on-line by clicking on the respective loudspeaker icons.

2009: For the selection of texts for the search for text references an additional category is now in use: „Sammelbände“ "Collection Volumes". This allows you to search, for instance just within the poetry collection of "Minnesang's Frühling".

2008: Select lemmata (referring to real objects) are directly linked with their pictorial representations in the image database of IMAREAL des Institute for Research of Real Objects of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times. Upon clicking on the icon "REALonline" you arrive directly at a selection of images of the respective objects.

2007: A new module "List Exclusive Variants" allows you now to collect and print a list of words and/or variants that appear exclusively in the text selected for the search relative to the entire textbase.

2006: A direct link between Word Index and Text Search has been set up.

2005: By moving to an exclusive application and database server for MHDBDB the efficiency of the search and retrieval processes has been much improved.

Help Documents:

We strongly suggest that new users or those that are not fully familiar with the system consult the various help documents before entering a search. By not doing so you may easily overlook a multitude of possibilities for more efficient searches or search alternatives you may not have thought of.

New Texts:

The tyext archive for MHDBDB is being continually expanded. The following excerpts gives you an idea of the scope of works that have been added throughout the past three years:

The current status of the lemmatisation and disambiguation processes may be seen by going to the Statistics-Pages.

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