Q & A - Questions and Answers

This document contains some directions for using the MHDBDB. If you find something that would be suitable for inclusion here, please send us mail!

The MHDBDB seems to be down, and the web site inaccessible; what can I try?
You can try to go to http://mhdbdb.sbg.ac.at:8000, which may still work, if the redirector is temporarily out of order. Please note the appended ":8000" at the reference address.

You can also try the experimental / development version at http://mhdbdb.sbg.ac.at:8100, if only the standard version isn't working. Please note though that this version may have different, possibly unfinished features, and may reset sometimes, as we are working on it.

There are strange numbers around the MHDBDB web address. How should I refer to the site?
Please only refer to the MHDBDB using http://mhdbdb.sbg.ac.at. You will be automatically forwarded to the correct software version. You can also append document paths, like in http://mhdbdb.sbg.ac.at/help/analyze-whatisit.html or http://mhdbdb.sbg.ac.at/mhdbdb/Mhdbdb?action=TextQueryModule.

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